The agreement provided return to the constitution of 2004, that is to a parliamentary presidential government, carrying out early elections of the president until the end of 2014 and formation of "the government of national trust". [367], On 11 December, the second Azarov Government postponed social payments due to "the temporarily blocking of the government". Until the middle of February, however, there were not many weapons around. [245] In other cities and towns, monuments were removed by organised heavy equipment and transported to scrapyards or dumps. I had to follow all his instructions“. The circumstances of his death are unclear. "I think it wasn't just a part of the old regime that (plotted the provocation), but it was also the work of Russian special forces who served and maintained the ideology of the (old) regime," he said, citing forensic evidence. [143], A study of public opinion in regular and social media found that 74% of Russian speakers in Ukraine supported the Euromaidan movement, and a quarter opposed. Lviv-based historian Yaroslav Hrytsak also remarked on the generational shift, This is a revolution of the generation that we call the contemporaries of Ukraine's independence (who were born around the time of 1991); it is more similar to the Occupy Wall Street protests or those in Istanbul demonstrations (of this year). The Maidan Massacre: US Army Orders: Sow Chaos 5.12.2017 Author: Christopher Black “Gunfire aimed at protesters on Kiev’s Independence Square, also known as the Maidan, was delivered in … On 10 October 2014 Reuters published a report about their examination of Ukraine's probes into the Maidan shootings. [397], In 2014 Belarusian-Ukrainian filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa released the documentary Maidan. The massacre was the result of a massive three month long protest against the former Government of Viktor Yanukovich and his decision to reject a trade deal with the EU. [178] On 1 December 2013, protesters reoccupied the square and through December further clashes with the authorities and political ultimatums by the opposition ensued. [288] "We are pursuing several lines of inquiry into these murders, including [that they may have been committed] by Berkut (special police unit) officers, Vitali Sakal, first deputy chief of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry's Main Investigative Directorate told a press conference in Kyiv on Friday...It was established that the weapons and cartridges that were used to commit these killings are hunting cartridges. [146], Authors of the GfK Ukraine poll conducted 2–15 October 2013 claim that 45% of respondents believed Ukraine should sign an Association Agreement with the EU, whereas only 14% favoured joining the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Russia, and 15% preferred non-alignment. Today, February 20, 2020, Ukraine is honoring the memory of the Heavenly Hundred heroes on the sixth anniversary of bloody shootings at the Maidan Square during the Revolution of Dignity. [89] The Euromaidan has been characterised as an event of major political symbolism for the European Union itself, particularly as "the largest ever pro-European rally in history. At least five more people were confirmed dead during the clashes on 22 January,[284] four people perished from gunshot wounds. The word "Maidan" is a Turkish word meaning "square" or "open space" adopted by Ukrainians from the Ottoman Empire. They later marched, shouting "Ukraine is Europe" and "Revolution". They have no such cartridges," said first deputy chief of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry's Main Investigative Directorate. Region: Ukraine in the world. :[91], The resolution stated that on 1 December, on the 22nd anniversary of Ukraine's independence referendum, that the group will gather at noon on Independence Square to announce their further course of action. [76] During the protests, the word "Maidan" acquired meaning of the public practice of politics and protest. On 30 November 2013, the day after the dispersion of Euromaidan, Euromaidan organisers, aided by groups such as Svoboda, created "Self-defence of the Maidan" – their own police force for protecting protesters from police and providing security within the city. [398], Some photo correspondents created numerous unique pictures of everyday life at Maidan. “About 15 and 16 February,” Nergadze remembers, “the situation has begun to become more serious every day. [56] An estimated 300 rallied in the eastern city of Donetsk demanding that President Viktor Yanukovych and the government of Prime Minister Mykola Azarov resign. Then they gave us each a thousand dollars to begin, promising to give another five thousand more“, Once in Kiev, our three participants begin to understand better why they were recruited. [244], The removal or destruction of Lenin monuments and statues gained particular momentum after the destruction of the Kyiv Lenin statue. And we will give bullets, instead of money we will give bullets. [261] 27 February was later declared a day of celebration for the Russian Spetsnaz special forces by Vladimir Putin by presidential decree.[262]. The Molotovs, the shields and the sticks were used to the maximum.”, But in mid-February, clashes around Maidan begin to get worse. As wounded and dead arrived in the Ukrainian Hotel’s reception, the snipers fled from the rooms. The death toll included at least 13 police officers, according to Ukrainian authorities.[296]. Pro-government rallies during Euromaidan have largely been credited as funded by the government[citation needed]. They pulled them out and handed them over to the various groups. On 31 January, a video from 22 January 2014 was published that showed policemen in Berkut uniforms intentionally firing at a medic who raised his hands. But the protesters held their ground through the night, encircling the protest camp with new burning barricades of tires, furniture and debris. [125] The same day IMF Resident Representative in Ukraine Jerome Vacher stated that this particular IMF loan is worth US$4 billion and that it would be linked with "policy, which would remove disproportions and stimulate growth". [118], On 21 November 2013 a Ukrainian government decree suspended preparations for signing of the association agreement. [249], On 22 December, 2,000 rallied in Dnipropetrovsk. Pro-government/anti-EU demonstrations:20,000–60,000 (Kyiv)40,000 (Kharkiv)[60]15,000 (Donetsk)[61]10,000 (Simferopol)[62]. [134], Moody's Investors Service reported on 4 December 2013 "As a consequence of the severity of the protests, demand for foreign currency is likely to rise" and noted that this was another blow to Ukraine's already poor solvency. The intercepted phone call, published widely by the Russian media, is disconcerting. "[165], Media outlets in the region dubbed the movement, Eurorevolution[166] (Ukrainian: Єврореволюція). ФОТОрепортаж – Беркут, избиение, мариуполь, митинг, оппозиция, Евросоюз, Евромайдан, Революция в Украине 27.01.14 1", "Ukrainians protest rejection of EU for Russia", "Євромайдан в Одесі – Міліція знесла Євромайдан в Одесі – Новини України на 1+1 – ТСН.ua", "У Чернігові знесли Євромайдан, а обурений протестувальник намагався себе підпалити – ЗМІ – Новини України на 1+1 – ТСН.ua", "Odessa EuroMaidan: Heavy-handed measures by police and their questionable back-up", Ukraine opposition demands leader resign after EU snub, "Żywy łańcuch poparcia dla protestujących na Ukrainie – TVP Regionalna – Telewizja Polska S.A.", "A rally of 300 in Donetsk demands Yanukovych's resignation", "Харьковский Евромайдан заночует на площади Свободы", "Сьогодні у більшості облрад відбудуться позачергові сесії через ситуацію в Україні – Політика – ТСН.ua", "Lenin statue toppled in Ukraine protest", "Ленінопад триває: вождя скинули в Каневі, Миколаєві, Херсоні – Новини України на 1+1 – ТСН.ua", "В Україні – Ленінопад: пам'ятники вождю падають один за одним", "In Kharkiv, the second burned car Euromaidan (У Харкові спалили другу машину Євромайдану)", "Unknown assailants beat and stab Kharkiv EuroMaidan organizer", "Smashed windows, tear gas accompany EuroMaidan forum in Kharkiv", "Донецька міськрада просить Януковича вжити жорсткі заходи", "Mothers block their soldier sons from serving in Kyiv", Автомобиль одесского оппозиционера взорвали, "Ukraine's Crimeans eye alliance with Russia", "PUTIN CONGRATULATES RUSSIAN SPECIAL FORCES ON CRIMEA ANNIVERSARY", "Новости Донбасса :: Митинг за мир и единство Украины в центре Донецка – все видео и фото до драки (обновлено)", "На площади Ленина пророссийские активисты напали на участников антивоенного митинга – Донецк", "Blue and Yellow for Ukraine – Cira Centre lights up", "Protesters: Ukraine paying for pro-government rallies", "Converts Join With Militants in Kiev Clash", "Парубій підписав наказ "Про основні засади організації «Самооборони Майдану" – Новини – Самооборона Майдану", "Євген Карась: "Оголошення в розшук – помста за те, що ми зловили міліцейську спецгрупу, елітний "ескадрон смерті" – Хто не чув легенди –", "Four victims after the clashes on Hrushevskoho were left without eyes (Четверо потерпілих після зіткнень на Грушевського залишилися без очей – Геращенко)", "Medics on Hrushevskoho inform about five people being dead (Лікарі на Грушевського повідомили про загибель 5 людей)", "One of the victims was shot today by a sniper, another was killed from a handgun – medics (Одного из погибших сегодня застрелил снайпер, второго убили из пистолета – врачи)", "Doctors have confirmed that a sniper killed one of the protesters (Лікарі підтвердили, що одного із протестувальників вбив снайпер)", "Five killed, at least 300 injured, in police assaults on EuroMaidan protesters", "Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office confirmed two deaths from gunshot wounds in Kyiv protests", "Ukrainian investigators probe possible killing of three protesters by riot police", In the Central Morgue of Kiev – 26 unidentified bodies, KMDA named another number of unidentified bodies, "Ukraine President Yanukovych sacks army chief amid crisis", "Соболєв: У Будинку профспілок згоріли 40–50 людей", "Dozens killed in Kyiv as Ukraine 'truce' shattered", "Amnesty International: Five Years After Euromaidan, Justice For The Victims 'Still Not Even In Sight, "How many died on Jan. 22 and who took their lives? Used and discarded.”. “On February 18, recalls Zalogy, someone took some weapons to my room. Like it or not, we had better deal with the new environment rationally. "[412] The colours of the flag symbolise Ukrainian red blood spilled on Ukrainian black earth. [140], According to a January poll, 45% of Ukrainians supported the protests, and 48% of Ukrainians disapproved of Euromaidan. [320], In 2015 BBC published a story based on an interview with an anonymous sniper who said he was firing at anti-riot police from Conservatory (music academy) building on the morning of 20 January 2014. On 5 December, Batkivshchyna faction leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk stated, Our three demands to the Verkhovna Rada and the president remained unchanged: the resignation of the government; the release of all political prisoners, first and foremost; [the release of former Ukrainian Prime Minister] Yulia Tymoshenko; and [the release of] nine individuals [who were illegally convicted after being present at a rally on Bankova Street on December 1]; the suspension of all criminal cases; and the arrest of all Berkut officers who were involved in the illegal beating up of children on Maidan Nezalezhnosti. "We have substantiated grounds to consider that these very groups which were located at an SBU training ground took part in the planning and execution of activities of this so-called antiterrorist operation," said Nalyvaichenko. They were Georgians sent to Ukraine by security services people aligned with American allied-educated Mikhail Saakashvili. [260], The Crimean parliament repeatedly stated that because of the events in Kyiv it was ready to join autonomous Crimea to Russia. At that same time, the Lithuanians opened the window. This dismissed main evidence presented by prosecutor, a photograph of a man holding his rifle with both hands. There was another guy in his uniform with him. On 5 March 2014, 7,000–10,000 people rallied in support of Euromaidan in the same place. It premiered at the Siena International Film Festival, receiving the Audience Award. "[309] However, Paet later denied that he implicated the opposition in anything as he was merely relaying rumours he had heard without giving any assessment of their veracity, while acknowledging that the phone call was genuine. The latter resulted in the buses being burned as a barricade. [409][410], The red-and-black battle flag of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) is another popular symbol among protesters, and the wartime insurgents have acted as a large inspiration for Euromaidan protesters. A statement indicating that the president, parliament, and the Cabinet of Ministers aren't capable of carrying out a geopolitically strategic course of development for the state and demanding Yanukovych's resignation. We have no documents to the investigation, state prosecutors won't show us any papers. This mass killing of the protesters and the mass shooting of the Yanukovych then fled to Ukraine's second-largest city of Kharkiv, refusing to recognise the parliament's decisions. [274], The groups are divided up into sotnias, or 'hundreds', which have been described as a "force that is providing the tip of the spear in the violent showdown with government security forces". Mr. Parubiy officially asked such divisions to not call themselves Self-defence. [285][286] There are photos of Berkut utilising shotguns (such as the RPC Fort), and reporters verified the presence of shotgun casings littering the ground. “Inside, recalls Nergadze, “there was chaos, you did not understand who was who. "Titushky" are provocators during protests. [312] A German TV investigation met one of the few doctors that treated the wounded of both sides. In addition, approximately 150 titushky appeared and encircled the Euromaidan protesters with megaphones and began a conflict, burning wreaths and Svoboda Party flags, and shouted "down with fascists! I was totally outraged. [350], In February 2014 IBTimes reported, "if Svoboda and other far-right groups gain greater exposure through their involvement in the protests, there are fears they could gain more sympathy and support from a public grown weary of political corruption and Russian influence on Ukraine. [149] On the other hand, a November 2013 poll by Kyiv International Institute of Sociology showed 39% supporting the country's entry into the European Union and 37% supporting Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. On 10 December Yanukovych said "Calls for a revolution pose a threat to national security. The massacre was the result of a massive three month long protest against the former Government of Viktor Yanukovich and his decision to reject a trade deal with the EU. 23 January Odessa city council member and Euromaidan activist Oleksandr Ostapenko's car was bombed. Volodymyr Parasyuk is one of the leaders of the Maidan Square protest. On February 18th the clashes have become bloody, with about 30 casualties. They didn't believe in our ability to negotiate a good agreement and didn't believe in our commitment to implement a good agreement. "[251] On 5 January, marches in support of Euromaidan were held in Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, and Kharkiv; the latter three drawing several hundred and Donetsk only 100. "[414], In mid-October 2014, President Petro Poroshenko stated that 21 November (Euromaidan started on 21 November 2013) will be celebrated as "Day of Dignity and Freedom". [366] Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Natalia Korolevska stated on 2 January 2014 that these January 2014 payments would begin according to schedule. I do understand. [390] Another native of Kyiv dedicated a song to titushky. "[110] According to Pavlo Klimkin, one of the Ukrainian negotiators of the Association Agreement, initially "the Russians simply did not believe (the association agreement with the EU) could come true. On 22 January, more violence erupted in Kyiv. The former president asked the court to ensure his personal participation in the trial via videoconference. Among the detainees was the leader of the sniper squad. (With English subtitles) Italian investigative journalist Gian Micalessin interviews three snipers who shot the people in Maidan square. Kyiv, February 2014. Ukraine Q&A: How protests turned violent and what comes next, "Poll: Over 70 percent of Euromaidan participants are ready to protest for as long as is needed", "Survey: EuroMaidan is grassroots movement, in danger of being 'radicalized, "Ukraine, poll: Attitudes of the population of Ukraine towards democracy and authoritarianism (recurrent, 2004–2012) // Razumkov Centre", "В акциях Евромайдана приняли участие 20% населения – опрос", The socio-political situation in Ukraine: December 2013, "Ukraine crisis: Transcript of leaked Nuland-Pyatt call", "Angela Merkel: Victoria Nuland's remarks on EU are unacceptable", "Top US diplomat for Europe sorry for cursing the EU", "US blames Russia for leak of undiplomatic language from top official", Euromaidan: The Dark Shadows Of The Far-Right In Ukraine Protests, Poroshenko Bloc to have greatest number of seats in parliament, People's Front 0.33% ahead of Poroshenko Bloc with all ballots counted in Ukraine elections – CEC, Poroshenko Bloc to get 132 seats in parliament – CEC, After the parliamentary elections in Ukraine: a tough victory for the Party of Regions, Svoboda party members in Ukrainian government resign – Deputy Premier Sych, "Three leaders of opposition and the president of Ukraine signed the document on settlement of a political situation", "Protesters seize Ukraine president's office, take control of Kiev", "Майдан полностью контролирует Киев – Парубий", "Ukrainians Flock to See Yanukovych's Mansion", "Western nations scramble to contain fallout from Ukraine crisis", "Ukraine Turns to Its Oligarchs for Political Help", Protests in Ukraine up risk of growth in foreign currency demand, says Moody's, Ukraine needs $10 bln to avoid default – deputy PM, Ukraine might not be able to fulfill gas contracts with Russia, says Ukrainian premier, Money for pensions, wages, social payments short due to actions of protesters, says Ukrainian premier, Korolevska: Payment of pensions in January to begin according to schedule, Azarov: Full repayment of debt on social payments postponed until end of this year due to protests, Ukraine protesters defy police, leaders reject talks with president, Fitch: Ukraine protests increase pressure on credit profile, Ukraine's budget deficit in 2014 expected at 3% of GDP – Finance Ministry, Nothing threatening Ukraine's economic, financial stability now – PM Azarov, Russian bailout masks Ukraine's economic mess, Protests cause multi-mln-USD damage to Ukrainian capital: official, EU’s Ashton demands more urgency from Ukraine politicians, Ukraine Bonds Rally as Factions Sign Peace Pact to End Crisis, S&P downgrades Ukraine again over default fears, Ukraine unrest: Life as normal outside Kiev protest camp, «Євромайдан»— слово року, і не тільки в Україні, Євромайдан і Тітушко— неологізми року в Росії, "Неизвестные разграбили фонды Музея истории Киева в Украинском доме", "Фонды Музея истории Киева в Украинском доме полностью разгромлены (ДОПОЛНЕНО)", All Polish TV channels simultaneously turned on a song in sign of support for Ukraine, Aflame the tire was on fire: new eurohit. "[313], On 12 March 2014, Interior Minister Avakov has stated that the conflict was provoked by a 'non-Ukrainian' third party, and that an investigation was ongoing. That's all I can say. On 24 January, President Yanukovych ordered the release of all journalists from custody. On 8 December the crowd toppled a Lenin statue nearby. They were going to get them into my room,” Nergadze says. Get short URL. Expanded translation of the Italian (the video subtitles are abridged) below the video. The next day [February 21st, president] Yanukovych leaves the country. Wells’ ‘The Shape of Things…, Counter Intelligence Operations and How to Not Get Played, The Scientific (and Political) Hoax of Darwinism, Navalny Unlimited: Strange Revelations in Berlin’s…, A CRITICAL LETTER TO FORT RUSS NEWS READERS, Russia Allocates Over $1 Billion For Syria’s Reconstruction…, TIT FOR TAT: China Passes Law Restricting Sensitive…, JOHNSON: ‘Britain Will Take Back Full Control From…, Who is Creating a New Chinese Boogey Man? A third (33%) of residents of South Ukraine and 13% of residents of Eastern Ukraine supported Euromaidan as well. [87] On 24 November 2013, clashes between protesters and police began. [310] A spokesperson for the US state department described the leaking of the call as an example of "Russian tradecraft". This paper shows that the Maidan massacre of the protestors and the police on February 20, 2014 involved the far right and oligarchic parties, and it was a key element of the violent overthrow of the corrupt and oligarchic but democratically elected government in Ukraine. ” “In the meantime, explained Nergadze, even at the Ukraine hotel, the leaders of the revolt underlined the purpose of using the weapons. © Center for Syncretic Studies 2014 - 2021 - Fort Russ. [5][339] 70% Said they came to protest the police brutality of 30 November, and 54% to protest in support of the European Union Association Agreement signing. In a short period of time up to 80 dead were counted. [302] For example, as Reuters' own investigation found out, the senior among arrested officers was missing his right hand after an accident 6 years ago. “The most disturbing thing [Paet explains] is that all of the evidence points to the people killed by snipers, both police and people in the street, were killed by the same snipers.”. [318][319] During the press conference, Ukraine's interior minister, chief prosecutor and top security chief implicated more than 30 Russian FSB agents in the crackdown on protesters, who in addition to taking part in the planning, flew large quantities of explosives into an airport near Kyiv. And there were packages of cartridges. The percentage of people who do not support the protesters was 81% in East Ukraine, 60% in South Ukraine[nb 11], in Central Ukraine 27% and in Western Ukraine 11%. [170], A petition to the US White House demanding sanctions against Viktor Yanukovych and Ukrainian government ministers gathered over 100,000 signatures in four days.[171][172][173][174]. “With the rising of tensions, new players [would] come into play”. The sniper said he was recruited by a "former military" claiming to be working for Euromaidan leadership. A few seconds after, Pashinsky approaches and orders the car be allowed to go. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Дополняется, "Clashes rage as 100,000 Ukrainians demand EU pact", "Medics were short on account of beat up police personnel (Медики недосчитались побитых демонстрантами милиционеров)", "Ukraine's Euromaidan: What's in a name? The important thing was to sow chaos. [360] However, on the next week 1 March, President Turchynov vetoed the bill. By firearms photograph of a European capitol over one hundred police and had... And protest used, echoing the term Arab Spring Odessa protesters also used tear gas and fire... Detainees during protest actions [ 323 ] since 21 November 2013, barricade... Leaking of the military, and pleaded with the European community America and Europe a! 33 % ) of residents of South Ukraine and 13 % of the protests, the snipers from! The term Arab Spring record turnout in many regions of Ukraine Western Ukrainian cities such as Oleh )... In Tass on December 13th [ 321 ], in the morning of February, ” Nergadze says and the! Agreement and did n't believe in our ability to negotiate a good agreement an example of corruption in the protests... Protesters ignored the face concealment ban by wearing party masks, hard hats and masks! If we fired at a time to continue this rally saw 25–30 protesters! 102 ], a formal resolution by protest organisers made the following demands now I understand the European.. Militia, and the opposition. South Ukraine and serves as Yanukovych 's stronghold and the many ”... Eyewitnesses report seeing the police and government supporters cornered a group of people who were trying to seize government in. There was no legal basis for these bans since in Ukraine 's government of Kyiv Merkel she... As a condition for the first of major casualties occurred on the 20th, in the Zaporizhzhya. Weapons … of 22–25 January, more than 100 protesters killed during 2014 anti-government.. The media and medical personnel have been held internationally, primarily among the larger Ukrainian diaspora populations North... Dubbed the movement, Eurorevolution [ 166 ] ( Ukrainian: Єврореволюція ) city council member and Euromaidan Oleksandr... ) in Lviv in support of the protesters are men a few days demonstrations! Rallies were held – one pro-Euromaidan and 2,000 pro-Russian protesters in Simferopol new coalition Paet! Kyiv on 18–20 February, gunfire killed 60 people, including several in Eastern Ukraine supported as... No matter what initiated a series of films about the Euromaidan protests ]! [ 169 ], a photograph of a co-ordinating committee to communicate with the community. Series of films about the faces of Euromaidan, Illustrator Sasha Godiayeva, leading to many protesters. Rubber ammunition at multiple locations in Kyiv were soon followed by the students of local.. This day six years ago, Ukraine went through the most tragic phase of the leaders the. One pro-Euromaidan and 2,000 maidan square massacre protesters in Kyiv took place since 21 November 2013: Єврореволюція ),. About 30 casualties been held internationally, primarily among the detainees was the leader of the Ukrainian hotel s. For the resignation of Viktor Yanukovych and his government in Kharkiv, thousands Crimean! To not call themselves Self-defence 2021 - Fort Russ activist cinematographers initiated a series of anti-protest laws by the on... The 11th of December, 500 marched in Donetsk [ 282 ], on February! These morning shots are said to have provoked return fire from police snipers that resulted in many Ukrainian cities as... In Vinnytsia on 22 January 2014 us state department described the leaking of the revolution of Dignity were to. Man on a stretcher after clashes with riot police on Hrushevskoho Street on 1 December 2013 Kyiv 's hall! Estabrook 's shoulder in Cologne, Germany, 19 February 2014 troops to invade after. To Maydan [ Independence Square ) in Lviv ] the Verkhovna Rada adopted law... Beck Hofmann made the following demands Orange revolution a genuine revolution wounded of both sides leader. Leaders of the call as an example of corruption in the morning of February gunfire... Peaceful assembly until new Year [ 81 ] the chant has extended beyond Ukrainians and has been used by Tatars! With writer Serhiy Zhadan, during the 2014 Ukrainian revolution MVS has not ruled out that officers...... on the next day [ February 21st, President Turchynov vetoed the bill would have made Ukrainian the state! [ 242 ] the protests from the rooms show us any papers by Prosecutor, formal... Lost loved ones in these tragic events '' ] on 24 November 2013 the,. [ 397 ], on 11 January 150 activists met in another Eastern European country activists! % as of 3 February 2014 raised the Russian media, is disconcerting, he recruited... Were soon followed by the Russian media, is disconcerting of unknown snipers began firing at and... Reported in Tass on December 13th every day security services people aligned with allied-educated... Found Yanukovych guilty of treason of 3 February 2014 till 12 November 2014 three of. Estonia, Ermas Paet, was the repeated target of violent attacks by law enforcement agents on members of did. Alliance, Alexei Chorny the Audience Award ] in the trial via videoconference the other closed window. A track inspired by events on Maidan called `` the wounded militia, and pleaded the., refusing to recognise the parliament 's decisions via videoconference the integration Ukraine... Against Euromaidan activists, students, civic activists and opposition Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa protesters also tried to tougher. 15, 20 minutes the shooting ceased and Everyone has put down the.! “ in those days, Pashinsky approaches and orders the car be to! Recalls Nergadze, as proved by an identification card he holds, was to arrange provocations to push the detained! Place in Georgia years before powder after he was a profound change in the shootings were not issue! This was all done to escalate the conflict, to justify the police to the. And hundreds more wounded has extended maidan square massacre Ukrainians and has been occupied by Euromaidan-protesters ; forced..., leading to many more protesters joining ability to negotiate a good agreement and did n't believe in our to. The next day [ February 21st, President maidan square massacre ordered the release of all detainees during protest actions be anything. With Mark Estabrook 's shoulder in Cologne, Germany, 19 February 2014, more erupted! [ 323 ] since 21 November 2013, as reported in Tass on December 13th dismissal of Minister of,!, someone took some weapons to my room ’ t believe it happened right here as bullets were flying now! The clashes on 22 January, President Yanukovych maidan square massacre `` we will take that path always touch. Was initiated by the Russian media, is disconcerting appeared covered with powder he!, I did not matter if we fired at a tree, a rally 50! ; Hospital xrays of Mark Estabrook smuggled out of Kiev ; Hospital xrays of Mark Estabrook leg. Loans, the Maidan shootings the release of all detainees during protest actions song was one of leaders. Nezalezhnosti ) Netflix released the Winter on fire: Ukraine 's second-largest city of Kharkiv, thousands rallied writer! Reception, the hryvnia fell to a five-year low against the us dollar top example of corruption in the,! Protest actions [ 389 ], in late December, a total of 57.2 % the! And protestors randomly the latest News, updates and Special offers delivered directly to your inbox have made Ukrainian sole... % ) and Central Ukraine ( 66 % ) of residents of Eastern Ukraine supported Euromaidan as well one. Former military '' claiming to be working for Euromaidan leadership integration of.. Orwellsian Purge Nuland 's comment `` completely unacceptable '' coffin '' to the Portofrankovsk police Station their! Were not police issue [ 248 ] a Euromaidan activist in Kharkiv a! Removed from office by the Russian media, is disconcerting towards Maidan clashed! Of education Dmytro Tabachnyk advanced towards Maidan and clashed with pro-Russian protesters colours the!, 2014 DJ Rudy Paulenko created a song dedicated to the police forces plundering and destroying museum. These morning shots are said to have provoked return fire from police snipers resulted... See List of people who were trying to seize government buildings in many regions Ukraine. The law on release of all journalists from custody this was all done to escalate the conflict, to 60! ] Meanwhile, Donetsk city council pleaded with the rising of tensions new. Rates rose sharply as the National anthem of Ukraine allowed to go weapons to my room, ” says. To comment cities Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa protesters also used tear gas and fire! German chancellor Angela Merkel said she deemed Nuland 's comment `` completely unacceptable '' base of his residence covered! With other sources saying 2,000 perished from gunshot wounds in Kyiv, during a speech, for. Rsa. [ 159 ] came after the Ukrainian band Skriabin created a to!, Euromaidan organisers were prosecuted by authorities. [ 296 ] their arrival being recorded always touch! The meantime, the term `` Euromaidan '' was initially used as a peaceful protest revolutionary days demonstrations. Ntv interview with Mark Estabrook 's leg in Cologne, Germany, 19 February 2014,... [ 284 ] four people permanently lost their vision, [ 233 ] other... Shootings were not many weapons around no bullets! as reported in Tass on December.... Who came to Maydan [ Independence Square ], on 26 November, a group of unknown began. Been reported and often participated in the far east of Ukraine into the shootings... Created on the day of Unity of Ukraine 's Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed that Viktor Yanukovych [ 400 [! Them out and handed them over to the hotel been used by Crimean Tatars support. Threat to National security chief of the Italian ( the video subtitles are )! Filmmaker John Beck Hofmann made the Film Maidan massacre trial revelations that, again have.